Rotary Laser Level – A Boon for the Construction Industry

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The construction industry has seen a major revolution through the invention of rotary laser levels. It is now easy to get the perfect maintained level of a site while the risk factors of working with such instruments has mitigated dramatically.They are extremely user friendly. All an operator has to do is mount the equipment on a tripod or a bracket where it can remain steady and static.

The mechanisms are activated within seconds as the internal units turn the head of the unit to project a 360° red laser line. The perfect horizontal levels are detected swiftly. This line is used as a reference to calculate other essential dimensions of construction. They help engineers find the correct levels for footings or in checking the steel forms.

To use the devices over larger distances, they must be put on a receiver or a tripod to easily detect the laser beam. Advanced will tell you when the beam is dead center by emitting a beep sound. It also shows the distances above and below. The device can be moved around the site easily to get accurate readings when they are on a mounted platform.

Complicated tasks in construction can be done using this with much ease. Some models have the provision of adjustments to point up or down at an angle. Operations such as grading a slope or laying underground pipelines can be carried out easily if the convenience of rotary laser levels is put to use for such tasks.

Engineers will need to use a measuring rod to gauge the current level of the slope to make sure that they are level and even.Using it measuring crucial construction parameters and dimensions greatly minimizes the chances of a human error. This results in accurate portray of readings. Common errors, that otherwise creep up in mathematical calculations are eliminated by using the rotary laser level.

Construction companies and developers can use the latest technology offered by rotary laser level to measure a level area easily. The otherwise complex and long winded task has been made really simple and straightforward using the rotary laser level.

Why Job Seekers Should Explore the Construction Industry Deeply

The construction industry is one of the most robust of human activities. Although there are ups and downs in construction business, rarely it ever comes to a standstill. Whether it is setting up a factory, creating homes, building shopping malls, laying roads or creating office space, a significant part of project budget goes toward it. It simply means that there is never a slack period for the industry which implies that construction workers and engineers rarely ever remain without a job. A Bit Tedious, But Rewarding It cannot be denied that construction is a tedious process. For most part, workers remain outdoors and bear the brunt of nature. But what makes it very interesting is that it is highly rewarding for everyone engaged in it. Some of the skilled job types in the industry include architecture, structural engineering, designing, mason job and still others. Some of the most significant territories where you can expect the action to go in full swing in this decade include the middle-east countries and Singapore though that is not the end to it either. The impact of Expo 2020 will be much felt in the Gulf Region.

Heavy Investment in Construction Likely Between Singapore and UAE (Dubai included), the construction industry is expected to spend around $70 billion annually (figures may vary depending on actual market conditions), making it among the largest spender the world over. Though a degree in civil engineering will help you get paid better, you don’t always need to have it to be in the construction industry. You can specialize and acquire special skills as an apprentice and become a mason, a fitter, a plumber or a carpenter and reap the benefits of working in the construction industry. Most of those currently employed in the construction are past mid 40s and due to retire in 15 or lesser years. Building industry watchers say that the current average age of construction workers is 47+ for most countries around the world. This is enough evidence of the impending shortage the industry is due to feel in the coming years. Dubai for example is already feeling a shortage of construction workers just as much as developed countries like US and UK are running short of construction workers. Some Important Findings A study conducted by McGraw-Hill Construction reveals – 1. 32% of Architectural/Engineering (A/E) are deeply concerned about shortage of construction workers in the year 2014-03-29 2. Nearly a half of contractors say that they there is already a significant shortage of skilled craft workers 3. One-third of contractors say that there is a shortage of workers who have at least 10 or more years of experience 4. Three-fourth of architect firms say that the present educational system cannot produce enough employable workers for the construction sector

Though the findings above relate to the US market, the situation in other countries is no different. This is however a big opportunity for those who have reasonable experience. For the first time, workers will be able to determine their worth and be able to demand higher wages and salaries. If you do not have an appropriate certification, you may not be able to find a job in the more advanced countries of the world where regulations may work against you. But in most countries you should be able to find a job without much effort. For best results we suggest you contact an recruitment agency of repute in your country. They should be able to tell you about job openings, working conditions and wage structures. Currently the best territories to work are Singapore and Abu Dhabi.

Construction Industry in Doha Qatar

Qatar successfully bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. This has proved Qatar’s ability to focus and succeed in its great ambition to host 2022 FIFA World Cup. This is a turning point for Qatar as it has to led to rapid growth and development of Qatar in terms of infrastructure and economy.

2022 FIFA World Cup has sparked great interest among various investors in different industries and specially construction industry. This achievement has thrown open the door of opportunities for country’s real Estate and construction industry. This starts with the need to improve on its infrastructure on a urgent basis. In short you need more companies, experts, work force to execute the required projects. The infrastructure projects are underway in the form of construction of roads, flyovers, bridges etc. and more of these are planned for the future too. This is important to facilitate the construction activities and other projects taking place in different parts of the country. Some of the important projects going on in Qatar include the airport project, the rail project, Lusail project, Pearl Qatar etc. The country also has other projects going on like construction hotels and apartments. Qatar requires world class stadiums to support world cup event and stadium projects too are in the cards.

This has generated a lot of opportunity for locals and foreigners for employment and business expansion. The city of Doha has a good number of hotel projects going on and more are supposed to follow in the coming years. FIFA World cup has propelled the growth of construction industry in Doha, Qatar. Qatar has become one of the hot and favorite spots in the field of real estate and construction in the Middle East as of date. The Qatar building and construction industry is witnessing its greatest boom period.
This has led to many construction companies from the GCC countries like UAE, Saudi, Bahrain and Oman etc. to eye major projects and start their operations in Qatar. Due to the entry of international players in this market there is going to be tough and healthy competitions among construction companies to procure important projects. Looking at the size of market and opportunities in the future, it looks like all the building contracting companies who are established will have their fair share of this lucrative market. The market is supposed to gain momentum probably by early next year, till then it is a wait and watch situation.